Improvements to OC Transpo

Improving transit network connections in our community has been our long-standing priority. Over the last several months, OC Transpo staff has been developing strategies to optimize the local network for transit users, more specifically those who live in our community, east of the Rideau River. On June 6th we hosted the third of a series of consultation on transit in Vanier with great news, an OC Transpo staff proposal for the future of the routes in Vanier in time for the opening of the LRT.

Offering a service that is functional and meets the needs of transit users in our community is the priority.  We recognize that a major concern is service reliability improvements and increasing the frequency of routes.  By offering more local routes and new connections to the LRT, users will have options when travelling on transit from Vanier. Significant improvement in reliability as cancellations are too frequent is a top priority as part of this staff proposal.

OC Transpo, after engaging with our community on a series of public consultations, included a survey for the route #12 where more than 1300 participants submitted as a better understanding of our community’s needs. The addition of new localized bus routes in conjunction with the addition of LRT will change the system network for OC Transpo.

We want residents in Vanier to have fast & efficient transit service, and to be connected to the LRT as much as possible.

For example route 19, the old 5, is being modified to improve its reliability. The new route 20 has been designed to replace the local service between the Richelieu Community Center and St. Laurent station, previously offered on a section route 19, its service will include the Montfort Hospital.

We are confident that the proposal will set the groundwork for better transit in Vanier. We are putting special attention for improvements along the #12 and #19 as we know they have not been reliable.

The staff proposal set the path for those improvements but we still need and depend on your feedback.Click here to see OC Transpo’s proposal.  We are awaiting your ideas.