New Sidewalks and Permanent Bulbouts for the Vanier Parkway

The Vanier Parkway is getting a much needed new sidewalk connection. The new sidewalks will be approximately 184 metres west and 138 metres east of Meilleur Private on the southern side of the Vanier Parkway. There is currently only a small section of sidewalk opposite Meilleur Private that does that provide any connections.

Construction on these missing sidewalk links will begin this summer. The missing links are very well used by pedestrians as illustrated by the existing dirt path of travel. The dirt path shows a strong desire line for pedestrians in both connections.

The new sidewalks will provide access to the pathways along the Rideau River via North River Road and also Coupal Street. This project will also improve rider safety for of OC Transpo’s route 9 users.

You may have noticed the two road bulbouts that were installed on the Vanier Parkway, this fall, in between McArthur Avenue and Montreal Road.

As a result of building construction at the corner of Jeanne Mance and McArthur there appeared to be an extra lane on the right hand side of McArthur. This lane was meant as an access lane for the new building; it was never meant to widen the Vanier Parkway.

We heard speeding concerns from many residents during this construction. For this reason, we installed two bulbouts as traffic calming devices. The bulbouts ensure that this access lane is not used as a regular traffic lane. The current bulbouts are temporary but they will be made permanent in the spring.

The new sidewalks and bulbouts will help to reduce vehicle speeds and make the Vanier Parkway a more inviting place for pedestrians.