Montreal Road Revitalization Open House

Please join us for our Montreal Road Revitalization Open House. It will be held on Thursday March 9th from 5:30 to 8 pm at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health (299 Montreal Road).

Open House on the Central Library

On Jan. 18, 2017, I along with Councillors representing the five urban wards hosted an Open House on the Central Library.

Winter Maintenance – What to Expect

Understandably, winter maintenance of our streets and sidewalks is a topic that gets a lot of attention every winter, because it affects us all directly.

Latest Voting Log

Come and check out how I voted in previous council meeting.

Proposed closure of Rideau High School

We had a great community turn out last night at the Rideau High rally and the Ottawa Carleton district school board public meeting on the proposed closure of Rideau High.

Solid Waste Issues in Sandy Hill and Budget News

We’ve been working with Legal, Solid Waste and By-Law Services to address different waste-related and property maintenance issues that we have heard and seen, specifically in Sandy Hill.

Residential Fourth Density (R4) Zoning Review

The Residential Fourth Density (R4) family of zones is the city’s most intensive low-rise residential zone. It is the only family of residential zones designed to permit low-rise apartment buildings with four or more dwelling units.

Blog #5 — Montreal Rd

As many of you will know, we held a transit survey to get a better understanding of the views of route 12 users in advance of the Montreal Road revitalization plans.