Revitalizing Montreal Road and Vanier Streets

On the evening of October 18th, we held a Construction Open House for an exciting project that will be happening in Vanier between May 2017 and June 2018. The project covers the area between Montreal Road, Kendall Avenue, Jeanne Mance Street and Olmstead Street.

The City of Ottawa will be renewing the aging sewer and watermain infrastructure. Since the roadways will be getting reconstructed, we will be taking this opportunity to improve the neighborhood. During the Open House, design plans were on display and our team, city staff and construction consultants were present to provide information and receive comments.

Approved plans so far include adding and improve sidewalks, greenscaping on Savard, a pedestrian crossover at Jeanne Mance and Kendall, improved lighting at some intersections, and an improved pedestrian connection around the Shopper’s Drug Mart on Montreal Road.

Montreal Road is also set for revitalization in 2018. Our team has been hosting a variety of consultations to gage the public’s views on changes that they’d like to see.

So far we have held a walkabout, bikeabout, transit survey and a business stakeholders’ meeting. We’ve had great turn-out at these events and have heard a lot of feedback regarding subjects such as road configuration, sharing the road, and travel speed.

Our study area is Montreal Road between North River Road and St. Laurent Boulevard. Our goal is to look at all the opportunities for transit, pedestrian, cycling, and traffic flow, as well as beautification ahead of the preliminary designs. We look forward to the completion of both of these projects.

For more details or to keep yourself updated on this project please visit our Montreal Road blog at As always, if you’d like to provide your comments or feedback please contact our office at