Volunteers Needed in Vanier

On April 2nd, my team and I participated, as we do every year, in the Sugar Festival at Richelieu Park. The festival is a must attend annual event, which takes place all month long. The weekend of April 1st was a joyous occasion with an exciting line-up of local artists and street performers. I especially enjoyed participating in the Lumberjack Competition. Other highlights, at this family-friendly event, were the petting zoo, stilt walkers, and the maple syrup taffy, and who could forget the delicious brunch buffet.

This year I had a secondary goal in mind. In addition to spending an exciting day outdoors in our community, we were on the hunt for some new individuals interested in volunteering.

Special thanks to the volunteers who were with us at the Sugar Festival helping us in our search for new ones.  Since volunteers are of the utmost importance to a community, our office in collaboration with the Vanier Community Association is making a concerted effort to attract new volunteers.

Vanier is a wonderful, close-knit community. We need some new, dedicated, caring individuals to add to our pool of impressive, current volunteers in order to keep the great community initiatives going. The search is still on for hard-working volunteers in Vanier, all you need is a bit of time and a willingness to help.

We’re specifically looking for volunteers at:

  • The Vanier Community Association (VCA);
  • Community Clean-Ups;
  • Movies in the Park;
  • Adopt a Flower Box;
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Halloween Fun Zones;
  • Partage Vanier (Food Bank);
  • Community Gardens;
  • Graffiti removal; and
  • Winter Carnival.

We hope you will consider signing up to volunteer in your community. If you’d like to sign up or if you have any other ideas please contact us at mathieu.fleury@ottawa.ca.