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September 24, 2020

New regulations to improve rental-housing quality

On August 20th, the City’s Community and Protective Services Committee approved new regulations to improve rental-housing quality. Over the last several months, even years, many of us have attended consultations and provided comments as part of the Rental Accommodations Study.  While this Study encompasses both Long Term and Short Term Rental Accommodations, City Staff will return to Council and committee …

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September 23, 2020

R4 Zoning report, brings more changes to our community

At City Council on Sept. 23, I intend to vote against the R4 Phase 2 report.  It is important for the City to see through the Official Plan and changes to the residential zones within the greenbelt in a coordinated way.  Further, the current report does not address the missing middle (diversity of rental units) and affordability issues that began the R4 study in …

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