Our working group has now been formed. We had our first introductory meeting on February 13th, 2018. We discussed the role of the block captains and defined each zone.  The five zones are as follows: 

Zone 1 – North River Road (North of Montreal Rd) and surrounding area;

Zone 2 – North River Road to Vanier parkway and surrounding area to the south;

Zone 3 – Vanier Parkway to Lajoie and surrounding area;

Zone 4 – Lajoie to de l’Eglise and surrounding area;

Zone 5 – De l’Eglise to St Laurent and surrounding area.

The primary task of the block captains is to obtain feedback from the community as well as convey discussions and issues presented at the working group meetings to other community residents and businesses. Up to four working group meetings are envisioned, which will take place during specific milestones of the design process. Please note that the working group meetings are in addition to the three Public Open Houses, which remain to be scheduled.

The project team also presented an update to the Vanier Community Association on February 23, subsequent to the block captain meeting.

The topics for the next working group meeting we will be:

–       Review of proposed Montreal Road cross-section including cycle track and pedestrian facilities (from North River Road to St Laurent Blvd);

–       Discussion of parking and loading zone impacts associated with Montreal Road 3-lane cross-section; and

–       Community mapping exercise identifying constraints, areas for improvement and specific issues.