Rideau Street

Construction on Rideau street is advancing well with teams busy undertaking excavation work and improving services. In May and June, construction crews were busy working on improvements to the OLRT watermain, relocation and repairs to underground utilities, and installing a hydro structure and fire hydrant near Ogilvie Square. Traffic signals and streetlights will be updated.

Updated landscaping will soon be visible throughout the project, with measures to allow for greenery throughout this urban project.

In July, construction crews began to build the base layers of the road and pedestrian areas. The widened sidewalk and cycling facilities are now starting to take shape, including building cycling track curbs. Additionally,  the installation of soil cells has taken place throughout the project, allowing greenery options throughout the project. This month, the beginning stages of adding street furniture will start as well as installing curbs. 

The project is on track to have the majority of work completed in 2020. Asphalt and landscaping may take place in 2021; however, the road will reopen to traffic, transit and cyclists at the end of 2020.

Montreal Road

In June, approximately construction crews installed 80 per cent of the underground watermain between North River Road and Marier Avenue, representing the first phase of the project. In addition to the new watermain, crews completed the majority of the North River Road and Montreal Road intersection, including the south leg of North Road extending to Selkirk Street. Final touches to landscaping, asphalt and concrete sidewalks are in progress.

This summer, the City set up speed surveys at Deschamps Avenue and Montfort Street. The survey results found an average speed on Deschamps was 30 km/hr and less than one per cent of drivers were travelling above the marked 50 km/hr speed limit. On Montfort Street, the average speed was 36 km/hr, with slightly over two per cent of drivers travelling above the marked 50 km/hr speed limit. Currently, the City is working with Montreal Road Revitalization block captains and its traffic services to determine if these two locations require temporary traffic calming measures.

Once complete, Montreal Road will have features fitting a proper city main street, including broom finish and saw-cut joints similar to other sidewalks in the City.

Work includes telecommunications, street lighting, and traffic signal installations, along Montreal Road east of Marier Avenue to Cantin Street. Evidence of the new road forming will consist of segments of curbs, sidewalks and the road base. The final touches and landscaping, including greenery on properties that were disturbed, will be completed in the Spring of 2022.