12 years of representing Rideau–Vanier 

As you may have heard, I have publicly announced that while politics and a passion for this city runs through every fibre of my being – and while your belief in me and encouragement has been so generous and energizing – my family and I have made the decision that I will not be seeking reelection in the upcoming municipal election, nor will I be running for Mayor.  

It has been an extreme privilege to represent Rideau–Vanier around the council table, and I am so proud of everything we have accomplished together during my three terms as City Councillor.  I am also humbled by the encouragement of so many Ottawa residents urging me to run for Mayor.  Executive tables, including the one in council chambers, benefit from renewal and new ideas. It is time for me to find new ways to contribute to our city’s future – at least for now.    

Ottawa’s spirit of caring and its support for others has been on full display in recent years, during some extremely challenging times. We are so fortunate to call this community home. And we are fortunate that so many of our neighbours are willing to work to make this city an even better place to live. 

I have been both energized and humbled by the broad-based support the idea of my candidacy received. I heard from people from across our vast city urging me to run. People seemed genuinely excited that someone of my age, with my experience, might attempt to take on our city’s top job. Others seemed relieved that a young parent who is pragmatic and positive about our city’s opportunities might lead with clear-eyed focus on our biggest challenges and hopeful optimism for our future. 

The last two years have been exceptionally challenging for our city. As we encourage new voices and experiences to enter into politics and shape our capital, my hope is that the current political discourse is elevated to welcome these new perspectives.  

With your incredible support over the last 12 years in shaping our community and our city, we have accomplished great things. Revived main streets, a vision for a ByWard Market Public Spaces Plan, the expansion of youth programming, the construction of the Ottawa Art Gallery, the re-naming of Annie Pootoogook Park, renewal and expansion of affordable housing in my role as Chair of the Board of OCH, the revitalization of Jules-Morin, Optimiste Riverain Park, building bridges between communities with the Adàwe bridge– these, among many others, are some of my proudest accomplishments.  

Please know that I am not going anywhere. Ottawa is my hometown and I am determined to build our exceptional community up in new ways. 

Like you, I love Ottawa. Like you, I want to make it an even better place. Let’s continue to work together to make it the most vibrant, healthiest, greenest, diverse, welcoming, and safest G7 capital in the world. 

I invite you to watch my video as I reflect on the past 12 years and the future of our capital city.  

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