7 days of local fear and intimidation: ENOUGH

The impact to our community this weekend remains extreme and despite unrelenting efforts, a resolution to end this occupation has yet to come.

As many aggressive, unwanted individuals continue to disrupt our peace in our community and entire city. Let me make it clear that I will not rest until our community can go back to our lives without fear and loud and excessive noise in our streets. 

I want to thank residents, friends and neighbours who are risking their own safety to check on the well-being of others, who brave the streets, and employees from the City of Ottawa who have continued to do their jobs, despite this immense disruption in our urban communities.

As your local Councillor for Lowertown, Sandy Hill and Vanier communities, I continue to request urgent actions by the Federal and Provincial governments to bring and relief to this occupation for our community and City. I continue to request the highest level of attention to relieve the pressure and risks of this unruly occupation affecting our city. 

To support residents of Ottawa, we need Federal and Provincial public safety agencies to develop and implement a response plan to come and relieve our police force so that our local officers can support public safety within our commercial and residents’ communities in the City’s core as incidents are becoming more frequent, serious and concerning.

I am asking provincial and federal officials to stop waiting, the City of Ottawa needs your intervention, this occupation is bigger than the City’s ability to protect public safety and bring the occupation to an end.

As you are aware, the continuation of loud noises and intimidation felt by the community affects everyone. Not only does this limit access to City services and transit services, but this has also forced many businesses to remain closed. Local residents have lost their livability, we are hostages in their own units (specifically those along Rideau St and in ByWard Market areas) and suffer intimidation when going into areas streets.  

This must stop. 

It is not okay that our City is being occupied and the lives and well-being of our residents is incessantly threatened. 

Many businesses were eager to re-open their doors this past week, with changes to Provincial regulations, but are not able to do so because of the occupation. On the first weekend where many businesses were excited to open their doors, they remain closed or are open in fear. 

Enough is enough.  

We will continue to work and will not stop until our community’s safety and livability is restored.