A strong Ottawa means compromise and collaboration

On Monday, residents were given an opportunity to select their next mayor and city councillor. They participated in our city’s future by choosing individuals they trust to make decisions in shaping their ideal Ottawa

This is our nation’s capital, home to more than one million residents. Its 112 neighbourhoods form the wonderful big, large, diverse and complex city we love.

Many see the suburbs as right-leaning, wanting to ensure strong fiscal guidelines, while urban voices have a more aggressive vision for the future of transportation in our city. I don’t believe the differences are nearly so clear-cut. There is common ground on many issues, including transit.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve tried to balance the needs of Rideau-Vanier and the needs of our capital city. A thriving core means a healthier city. I alone can’t fix the ByWard Market, yet every resident of Ottawa has hopes for Ottawa’s highest-profile district.

As future members of council, your job will not be easy, but it is crucially important. In the spirit of collaboration, I’d like to offer some advice for those who now find themselves around the council table.

Key themes to keep in mind:

  • Keep a city-wide vision with a keen eye for local needs;
  • Show respect for and collaboration with your colleagues;
  • Be persistent, but fair;
  • Be transparent and honest with yourself, your colleagues, and your community;
  • Sweat the small stuff;
  • Look after your needs.

In dealing with the public:

  • Do the right thing today, for future generations in the entire city, not just for your ward;
  • Govern every day for everyone in the community, not just for a particular advocacy group or campaign supporter;
  • The public doesn’t follow every dealing at city hall; don’t assume we do and don’t take knowledge for granted.

In dealing with city council:

  • You are a councillor, trusted to represent the needs of your community, but also to promote a better Ottawa. Don’t forget this;
  • Be kind, imagine your parents looking at you all the time;
  • Be respectful even when you differ from others’ viewpoints.
  • Make sure you sleep well at night. There’s some hard days at city hall. Vote with your conscience ALL THE TIME.
  • Always be honest, read the reports and be ready to explain why you voted a certain way or why you didn’t bring a motion to shape a report;
  • Ask questions. Ask again for clarification — seek answers and clarifications until you are ready to vote. For example, city staff told me $5 million can ensure all concrete sidewalk patches with asphalt can be repaired — a simple fact but complex to uncover;
  • Remember you are elected as an individual, not part of a party. There’s no need to amplify the differences between councillors;
  • Get to know your city. No doubt you know your ward, now learn what are issues and priorities within all wards.
  • Ask yourself when you vote or make comments: is this good for the city or not? Then tell us, the public, why.
  • You represent neighbourhoods filled with varying wants, needs and viewpoints. Don’t shy away from tough conversations with your community on tough issues. You will not be able to please everyone, but these conversations are critical to shaping the decisions you make at the council table;
  • Savour the small wins for your community — a new stop sign, for instance — but don’t lose sight of the more chronic, hard-to-fix elements;
  • You can be loved in your community, while working with city staff and making our city better;
  • Be real. Hard-working. Truthful. And have our city Ottawa at the heart of your actions. That will ensure your re-election.

Thinking about yourself:

  • Be there for your family;
  • Be available to your community;
  • Check in on yourself and be kind to yourself;
  • Get off social media, meet with residents face-to-face, grab coffee with them;
  • Take breaks, travel, discover other cities, you’ll do us all a favour;
  • Have regular meet-ups with non-political friends (get out of the bubble);
  • Share with the public why you love our city, what your personal projects are.

You will have an opportunity to shape the city’s future. You will be dealing with real and emerging priorities. You will face issues you never thought you would face. Remember: residents, stakeholders, city staff and so many others want city council to succeed.

Most importantly, thank you for your service to Ottawa. Good luck, and buckle up for a rollercoaster ride.

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 Thank you for reaching out to my City Councillor website. I was blessed to represent residents and businesses in Lowertown, Sandy Hill, and Vanier at the City of Ottawa for 12 years (2010 to 2022).

I am keeping the website active, as a former city councillor and community leader so that residents can review and access projects, priorities and some of the most serious issues during the period I was a City Councillor for Ward 12, Rideau-Vanier.

If you are looking to connect with the City of Ottawa, I encourage you to call 311.

If you are seeking to connect with your City councillor, Stephanie Plante, please email (Stephanie.plante@ottawa.ca) or call (613-580-2482).

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Merci d’avoir consulté mon site Web de conseiller municipal. J’ai eu la chance de représenter les résidents et les entreprises de la Basse-Ville, de la Côte-de-Sable et de Vanier à la Ville d’Ottawa pendant 12 ans (de 2010 à 2022).

Je garde le site Web actif, en tant qu’ancien conseiller municipal et leader communautaire, afin que les résidents puissent examiner et consulter les projets, les priorités et certains des problèmes les plus graves pendant la période où j’étais conseiller municipal du quartier 12, Rideau-Vanier.

Si vous cherchez à communiquer avec la Ville d’Ottawa, je vous encourage à composer le 311.

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