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Montreal Road Reconstruction (Update)

Construction ramped up this year East of the Vanier Parkway. By the end of this construction season, 1.2km out of the total 2km length of Montreal Road has completed road, curbs, sidewalk, cycle track. Landscaping including utility pole burial, bus shelters, new traffic signals and modernized public plazas at Place Dupuis, Bradley, and Emond Streets are to come in 2021. 

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Vanier Residential Streets Construction

In 2021, our community’s ageing infrastructure on St. Denis Street, Lavergne Street and St. Monique Street has been renewed resulting in better wastewater collection and water distribution in the area.

Construction crews are finalizing the road and sidewalks which includes improvements to traffic safety through six raised crossings, six raised intersections and four traffic calming bump-outs throughout the project site. Reconstruction of the tabor stairs will be finalized this season, the remaining landscaping which includes the planting of 24 trees will be finalized in 2022.

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Laurier and Waller

Construction will begin next Spring on Laurier Ave from Nicholas St to Waller St, Nicholas St from Laurier Ave to Besserer St and Waller St between Laurier Ave to Nicholas St. Improvements will be made to the protected signalized intersections at Nicholas St and Laurier Ave as well as Waller St and Laurier Ave. New wider sidewalks will improve the pedestrian experience, while new cycling track on both sides of Laurier and bi-directional cycling facilities through Waller st will improve connectivity through Laurier Ave and through Stewart St. Accessibility through this area will be maintained in all directions through out the project which will conclude in 2022.

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Community Resurfacing

This year important roadways in and surrounding our community are being resurfaced. The Vanier Parkway was resurfaced this summer at McArthur South to the 417 off-ramp which improved the road. Resurfacing is ongoing this fall St Patrick from King Edward to Dalhousie. This work will improve active transportation and safety in our community as it includes a new concrete crosswalk at Cumberland and a repaired crosswalk at Dalhousie as well as a bike lane for cyclists. A new multi-use pathway is underway on Boteler for completion later this fall. This will improve access to the area and will improve the look and feel of the area with the planting of 12 new trees.

Active Transportation in 
our Community

Active transportation builds a healthy and thriving community. We hosted a townhall on May 5th to hear your concerns and desires which we are working to advance through the City’s Transportation Masterplan Review. Our Active Transportation Report is available on my website here: 

Some of the 2021 improvements include:

• Boteler: MUP extension from King Edward to Cumberland 

• New PXO at Charlotte and Tormey

• Protected cycling tracks along Laurier with connection through Waller to Stewart  

• Montreal Rd bike tracks from Vanier Parkway to St. Laurent Blvd

• New all way stops at Hannah & Montfort, Templeton & Russell and Laurier & Range

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