Building a Safe Community Starts with Focusing on Problematic Addresses:

I want to highlight an important initiative in our community which targets problematic addresses in our neighbourhood. With the help and guidance of the Vanier Community Association and Crime Prevention Vanier, we have identified 50 or so addresses that have been problematic with crime and building/property standards concerns affecting our community’s well-being.  Upon efforts with our Chief of Police Bordeleau (whom has now retired), we narrowed down these addresses to the most problematic 10.

Crime Prevention Ottawa developed in 2014 a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Problem Addresses in Ottawa, which had been completed but never adopted.  My team and I brought together key City partners such as Ottawa Police, By-Law services, Ottawa Public Health, Ottawa Fire, Building Code Services, Planning Department etc, to target the specific issues at these addresses.

The City Manager’s office is also now involved in this initiative with the intention of using this Problematic Address Taskforce pilot in Vanier, for use across the City.

We have had a large amount of success in addressing the issues at these locations while working with the community, speaking directly with landlords in addition to getting support from City partners.

I am eager to continue this initiative and see a full resolution for the 10 addresses identified; which will be a good step in improving safety in our community.

Thanks for continuing to report problems related to crime to the Ottawa Police and issues related to property to 311; those efforts go a long way in supporting Vanier.

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