CIP – New Opportunity to Diversify Businesses along Montreal Road

The City of Ottawa is moving forward with a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for Vanier. It is specifically for property owners along Montreal Road (North River Road to Aviation Parkway). CIPs are a municipal tool used to stimulate urban renewal and business growth in an area. They establish a framework to guide business development.  The goal is to give Montreal Road a more “traditional main street” appearance and to have a diverse business mix.

CIPs use financial incentives to encourage property owners to expand and make improvements to their properties. One of the most popular tools is leveraging property investments by reimbursing property owners a percentage of the increment in the municipal property tax each year for a period of 10 years. This is a great financial incentive for businesses to make improvements.

CIPs apply to property owners who are considering redeveloping their property for industrial, commercial and/or office uses. We have been working closely with the Business Improvement Association (BIA) in Vanier and are happy to now have funding being prioritized for Montreal Road. As buildings are improved landowners will likely seek more desirable businesses.

The vision is to set the stage for renewal and beautification to enhance Montreal Road as a destination and thereby supporting the local economy. CIPs are meant to inject new life into our main streets that need a little extra attention.

The City will be accepting applications after March 1, 2019. Along with the Montreal Road Revitalization Project (a sewer and water main replacement project), you are sure to see many positive changes to Montreal Road in the coming years. We eagerly await the finished product.