Ottawa City Council

Public investments on roadways matter: road cuts (inquiry to the City)

Questions I asked: 1. What does the City do to ensure that infrastructure is replaced in a previous or better condition? 2. How are communities and councillors’ offices informed of planned work from utility companies when the cut involves a major section on a main street, such as Rideau Street, which has numerous bus routes and is within a BIA catchment? a. What can a Community and Councillor’s office require from this engagement? The community and Councillor’s Office can provide staff with concerns, which will be relayed to the utility companies involved to address. 3. What is the City’s standard for resurfacing …

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Daily COVID-19 updates

November 18th Update from Ottawa Public Health We are turning another corner in our COVID-19 response as we anticipate approval for the vaccine for children aged five to 11 in the coming days. Earlier today, Ottawa Public Health released website. And, within the first week of receiving vaccine supply, Ottawa Public Health will open after-hours school pop-up vaccination clinics at different schools over four weeks. The after-school pop-up clinics will have capacity to immunize up to 10,000 children per week. A total of 73 after-hours school pop-up vaccination clinics will operate on a staggered schedule over four weeks across the city to make getting the vaccine easier for children and their families who may not be able to use the provincial booking system or travel to a community clinic. And, families may bring their children at the same time if they make an appointment for one child. Now, to parents and caregivers: I want to assure you that no child will be given a vaccine without your consent. Parents know their children best and our role is to provide the information required for them to make an informed decision. We do recommend that anyone that is eligible to get a vaccine do so. School clinics will be held after school hours and no child will be given a vaccine without parental consent. We understand that parents will have questions about the vaccine. Please visit our website for the most up to date information about the COVID vaccine for children. We are

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