City replacing aging small water meters with new high-resolution models

Over the next four years, the City of Ottawa will be working with Neptune Technology Group to replace 85,000 small water meters. They will be starting installations in Rideau-Vanier, Rideau-Rockliffe and Capital wards. This is a routine replacement done by the City as water meters are city property and have a lifecycle of about 25 years.

Before Neptune technicians are set to enter the community, residents requiring a new small water meter will be prompted to book an appointment. Appointments will last 30-90 minutes and evening and weekend timeslots will be available. During their visit, technicians will be wearing PPE, maintaining physical distancing, and sanitizing tools and equipment.

The new water meters will ensure continued accurate billing and residents will be able to track usage down to the litre and sign up for usage and leak alerts thanks to advanced features on

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