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Montreal Road construction

Cross-section east of Vanier Parkway showing proposed raised cycle track. Note: The cycle tracks are proposed on both sides of Montreal Road between North River Road and St Laurent.

May proved to be busy in our community, particularly on Montreal Road. It is safe to say there has been a lot of action.

The main sections of the construction include the North River Road and Montreal Road intersection, Montreal Road from North River Road to Marier Avenue, and North River Road from Montreal Road to the cul-de-sac.

The North River Road and Montreal Road intersection have crews working on the southside. All work taking place underground at this intersection is near complete and work on the Cummings Bridge to accommodate modifications at the intersection have started. The next phase will focus on electrical and utility work in the southern quadrants of the intersection and the median on the south-leg of North River Road.

On Montreal Road, from North River Road to Marier Avenue, underground water main and sewer work is underway, creating lane reductions and requiring the closure of Marier Avenue and Olmstead Street. The closure of both Marier Avenue and Olmstead Street will take place until August 28. Detours have already begun for OC Transpo route 19. More information is available on OC Transpo’s website.

Construction of water and sanitary services is currently underway at North River Road from Montreal Road to the cul-de-sac. This work may impact some driveways and landscaping along the street. Once construction is complete, the contractor will fix the affected areas.

Traffic disruptions at various areas along the project site may occur. For this reason, we encourage you to sign up for the project’s newletter here. You may also visit the website at or email the project team directly here:

Dupuis Street landscape layout. Plazas will be redeveloped for animation. Hydro will be buried along the entire corridor, to allow for wider, pedestrian-friendly spaces.

Landscaping is a huge part of this project with significant amounts. This is Montreal Road and North River Road intersection.

Update on the Rideau Street Renewal Project

The final phase to complete Rideau street renewal is underway.

The construction now focuses on the area between Dalhousie Street and Sussex Drive. Part of the project, the Rideau and William Street Renewal project, will focus on road, landscaping, electrical, and utility work.

Landscaping work has begun, laying the groundwork to plant more trees on the street.

Currently, with the pandemic, things are constantly changing and evolving with COVID-19 precautions. Because of this, it is essential to stay up-to-date throughout this project. For more information on the project, you may visit the project website and sign up for the e-newsletter. To learn about the impacts of transit service, visit the OC Transpo website here.

Drug use impacts us all: Safe Supply provides a real solution

No one is immune to the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on this city, province and country.

However, the impact this period has with the most vulnerable members in our community is significant.

In our communities, we see the adverse impacts of wide-spread drug use. Since 2016, Ottawa has been in the middle of an opioid crisis that continues to affect individuals and communities.
On the front line of these challenges are hospitals and policing services. These organizations success in curbing the ongoing reality proves to be beyond difficult.

While social services organizations, police, health professionals and political leaders try to build an adequate response and have tried for decades, police and other enforcement bodies face unrealistic expectations daily.

The current system is not working.

It is time to turn the page on the war on drugs and move towards a health-led response.

Ottawa Inner City Health successfully runs Canada’s first-ever residential Managed Opioid Program (MOP) in Ottawa. Beginning in 2017, they provide controlled amounts of pharmaceutical-grade prescription oral and injectable narcotics (commonly referred to as providing a \”Safe Supply\”)

Residents who participated in the pilot report positive outcomes in stabilizing their lives, resulting in less pressure on public services (social services, police, paramedics, hospitals, court).

Expanding the Safe Supply efforts helps eliminate users to commit petty-crime to feed their addictions; it lowers the risk of overdoses and community stigma of drug-use and advances addictions treatment options.

On May 27th, Ottawa City Council supported my Motion in support of the expansion of Safe Supply. Last week, the Mayor sent a letter to the Provincial and Federal ministers of health to support the expansion of Safe Supply in Ottawa.

While social investments in housing and other mental health and addictions support need to continue, the expansion of Safe Supply in Ottawa is critical in limiting the impacts of drug users in our communities on our businesses and on our residents. I am eager to see these types of programs move forward.

COVID-19 in Ottawa; an overview

For more than three months, all of our lives have seen significant change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every resident, business, community agency and government service.

All three government levels have quickly put responses into action to support our needs and keep us protected from the virus.

Ottawa Public Health and Dr. Vera Etches have been leading the response in Ottawa, continually providing updated information about how to grocery shop safely, how to get outside, how to prioritize our mental health, all to limit the spread of the virus. Ottawa Public Health continues to share resources, including information to help us maintain physical distance, how to safely operate businesses (re-open), the proper use of non-medical masks, handwashing, and so much more.

The City of Ottawa has also had to make significant changes in how we deliver services. Those impacted include transit operations, our essential social services, summer camps and public spaces.

The City’s response continues to evolve, working with local businesses, social service agencies, community leaders and a variety of partner organizations. Together the groups support coordination: the Human Needs Task Force and the Economic Partners Task Force – two committees aimed at navigating the City and its residents through this pandemic

Key initiatives put into place by the City include: ( and

We see the daily launch and changes to government programs; therefore, it would be difficult to provide in the June newsletter up to date information. The best way to learn what is the latest on COVID that impact us in our community is by visiting my website. We have created a COVID icon where we share daily information on programs, news, updates that have a direct impact on our lives.

Important decisions continue to be considered, as it relates to summer camp, re-opening of local businesses, City workforce, transit approach during the pandemic etc.

The two metre, hand washing, mask-wearing and limiting gatherings are all critical components to protect yourself and to slow the spread of the virus in Ottawa. As restrictions slowly start to loosen, we must continue to stay two meters away from others and, when we can’t, that we wear a cloth mask, especially indoors and on public transit systems. We all have a collective responsibility to act safely and protect ourselves and others from the virus.

Stay connected and informed by visiting my website, the City of Ottawa’s Website, along with Ottawa Public Health’s website for the latest information.

ByWard Market Public Spaces

As one of the most well-known destinations in Ottawa, the Byward Market, is Ottawa’s gem for locals and tourists alike. We are planning for exciting initiatives that are coming to the Market in the next few years.

The City released its Byward Market Public Realm Plan – which outlines several projects for proposed investments of 150M$ for the area.

The Plan establishes a vision, guiding principles, a functional plan and conceptual design concepts that guide investment and change in the Market for many years to come. It is fair to say the Heritage Public Market building is the Byward Market’s symbolic core. It accommodates a diverse collection of original shops, boutiques, retailers, restaurants and public spaces. The Plan will guide how best to utilize the existing amenities, streets and public spaces in the ByWard Market.

As the area’s councillor, this investment is long overdue, and with the City, the Plan is to ensure the Market continues to remain a popular and successful destination.

This Plan is critical to the renewal of the Market and will be presented to City Council this fall. The City has put the Public Realm Plan on its shortlist for stimulus funding requests from senior levels of government as investment programs help relaunch the economy following the COVID19 impacts.

The fundamental goal of the Public Realm Plan is to shift the perception of the Market and provide objectives and designs to beautify, organize and connect the Byward Market’s public spaces to make them inviting, accessible, inclusive, and safe. The City of Ottawa developed this Public Realm Plan in partnership with all stakeholders, including local businesses (landlords and owners), residents from Lowertown, National Capital Commission, the City of Ottawa departments and the general public passionate about the ByWard Market.

If you want to learn more about this public realm plan, we have some good news. A draft of the ByWard Market Public Realm Plan has been prepared and is now available at

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