COMPLETE STREET: Montreal Road revitalization overview for 2021

When Montreal Road revitalization project began in the fall of 2020, the amount of work may have seemed substantial – but as we all know, incredibly necessary.

Now, more than a year and a half later, it is with great success we have completed more than half of the work planned.

As many know, this is the largest infrastructure project in our community, and the end is near.

Completion will occur in 2022 – so the disruptions we have all experienced are almost over.

And as many of you traverse – be it by foot, cycling or car – along 1.2 Kilometres of the Vanier’s main road, you can see many of the significant improvements taking shape.

The differences are evident from landscaping, burying of hydro poles, and new bus shelters.

Some of the best features – wider sidewalks, a raised cycling track and modernized plazas at Place Dupuis, Bradley, and Emond Streets – will be a highlight for our community for years to come.

It is what the sacrifices of one-lane traffic and continuous construction were worth.

A project that began because of ageing infrastructure – I am pleased that this project became so much more than just underground work.

In addition to watermain replacement and redoing sections of the sewer and roadway, we gained much more.

We gained a complete street.

Whether you are a pedestrian, a transit user, a cyclist or a driver, this road has made space for each one with features fitting a proper city main street.


A lot of substantial work progressed this year, including:

•              Road resurfacing

•              Sidewalks and Multi-use paths

•              Multiple traffic-calming measures

•              Major intersection redesigns

•              Landscaping and streetscaping

Beyond the Vanier Parkway, work focused on underground infrastructure renewals and utility pole burial. Work also included:

•              Improving and burying telecommunications connections 

•              Street lighting and traffic signal installations along Montreal Road east of Marier Avenue to Cantin Street.

•              Brand new sidewalks between North River Road and the Vanier Parkway, including cycling integration along North River Road.


For 2022, as mentioned, the year will bring the competition of the project. This includes planting trees, final touches on the plazas, and other landscaping plans.

From Lafontaine Avenue to St. Laurent Boulevard the road, curbs and cycle tracks will be built. The completion of burying of hydro poles will take place from Ste- Anne Avenue to de L’Église Street.

Traffic opened in each direction along Montreal Road on Dec. 19 and will remain open until April 2022, when lane closures will be reinstated. Eastbound traffic, including cyclists, will be detoured to McArthur Avenue via North River Road to connect to St. Laurent Boulevard. Full details for the reductions and closures will be provided early in the new year. 


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