Developing the future of municipal recreation and community activity spaces

Engagement opportunities are now open at  until early September.

We invite you to share your ideas and comments on municipal recreation facilities.

Tell us what works and what doesn’t work to help us plan for the future of recreation and community activity spaces in Ottawa!


We need your help to:

  • Create Recreation Facility Infrastructure Standards
  • Develop a Recreation Facility Strategy
  • Meet objectives of the Municipal Sport Strategy

The project will:

  1. Establish municipal recreation facility infrastructure standards and its critical elements. These standards will be included in designs for major renovation or newly built municipal recreation facilities.
  2. Create the Vision and Guiding Principles for the City of Ottawa’s Recreation Facility Strategy
  3. Learn about who is using City of Ottawa recreation facilities and barriers for users and non-users
  4. Develop a Recreation Facility Strategy, consistent with growth in the City of Ottawa, that recommends renovation, repurposing, decommissioning or the development of new facilities.

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