Have your say on parking solutions in Vanier

As Vanier attracts individuals thanks to its proximity to amenities and its character, there is a noticeable steady uptick in development and a shift to multi-unit dwellings.

In a community with residential zoning in place, this shift mainly involves multi-unit dwellings with limited parking options for tenants. This lack of parking has put pressure and demand for parking on Vanier’s residential streets, which, in turn, exposed a gap in the City’s parking permit zones.

The City’s Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program would help to alleviate this pressure of parking, even on streets with low vehicle ownership.

For example, even if only 10 per cent of residents in a new development have a vehicle, if the new development site provides no parking, which is increasingly common, 10 per cent more needs are added to neighbourhood streets. 

Another benefit of a parking permit is that having vehicles parked on residential streets offer a semi-permanent traffic calming measure. A car parked at the curb creates a buffer from the road, creating a desirable, slower vehicular movement on residential streets. The RPP also offers the ability for downtown residents to leave their cars at home and use other modes of transportation for work or play.

Vanier is a unique area.

Once its own City, many of Vanier’s former city policies remain in place, including the historic on-street parking signed policy. And although changes are advancing, most Vanier residents, even those who meet the eligibility criteria for the parking permit program, cannot obtain one because they do not live in a parking permit zone.

This issue is what this program seeks to change and why we want your input about it.

Let us know how you think a Residential Parking Permit Program in Vanier would work, and best reflect our neighbourhood needs.

We are looking for your feedback on this program, click on the SURVEY LINK HERE and share your thoughts.

Please be sure to submit your comments no later than May 13, 2022

Public Notice

Attention, residents of Vanier – We want to hear from you about a new Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Program. Please share with us some considerations to meet emerging needs in our community.

The image above shows proposed boundaries where residents have expressed interest in establishing new RPP zones. 

We are consulting to understand your needs for creating parking permits in Vanier.

If this modification were to occur, it would mean that residents who reside within these proposed zones could apply to purchase an RPP permit to park on-street, allowing them to park a vehicle for up to 48 hours on roadways within the zones.

These RPP zones have already been implemented in dense urban neighbourhoods in Ottawa. 

Eligibility to purchase an RPP:

  • You reside in a designated area. 
  • You do not have access to legal parking at your residence. 

The following pricing is effective January 1, 2022. Note that the costs are subject to change.

  • Summer monthly permit (April – November) $33.25 plus HST per month (2022) 
  • Winter monthly permit (December – March) $155 plus HST per month (2022) 
  • Annual permit $715 plus HST (2022)

For more information on the City of Ottawa Parking Permit Program visit: https://ottawa.ca/en/parking-roads-and-travel/parking/parking-permits#permit-parking-regulations