Housing impacts us all

Last fall I had the opportunity to speak at the TEDx Ottawa forum on this vital issue in our City.

I have a key to my own home. Chances are, you do too, and I believe a key is a right.

The face of homelessness continues to change, more frequently families are faced with emergency housing needs in growing numbers.  Last year alone, the City of Ottawa spent 30 million dollars, to ensure people didn’t sleep on the street. This is not providing a solution.

Homelessness and the effects of homelessness require action from all levels of government. It is our collective responsibility to provide everyone with a key to their own unit.

It is all linked; We don’t want vulnerable residents to stay on the streets, yet to offer an actual key, we need available units. We need to start doing things differently.

To make progress, coordination and investments need to align.

It is possible to bring a modern housing solution to solve chronic homelessness, but a change in approach is needed. My hope is to put a key in every hand.

Here’s my presentation at TEDxOttawa The Key to Solving Homelessness

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