Increasing Safety on Residential Streets in Our Community

Safety in our community is of utmost importance. And one of the main drivers of worry is speeding along our streets.
Now, this worry will soon be a thing of the past – with the introduction of 30km/hr zones in six zones in our community.
I presented a report to Transportation Committee on April 26th and passed at Council on May 12. Link here:
The report requested to lower speeds to 30km/hr on most of our residential streets in our community. 
Residents in Lowertown, Sandy Hill and Vanier sought safer, slower and calmer residential streets. I worked with each community association and regularly connecting with residents with speeding concerns to lower travelling speeds, improve active transportation networks and increase safety. Reducing traffic speed was a goal of each association. 
The six zones within residential streets are:

  1. In Sandy Hill: Laurier South to Lees Ave
  2. In Sandy Hill : Laurier North to Rideau Street
  3. In Vanier: Montreal North to Beechwood,  East to Cantin
  4. In Vanier: Montreal North, West of the Vanier Parkway
  5. In Lowertown:  The entire ByWard Market area
  6. In Lowertown: St Patrick North, West of King Edward

The reduction in speeds will welcome new gateway speed signs. The new gateway speed signs are part of a broader efforts to ensure our residential streets are safe specifically for families, seniors and those with accessibility needs. 

Research on the benefits of 30km/h zones is available here:

The City is currently working to review gateways in all residential areas of our community.  The additional areas are located: 

  • in Lowertown – East of King Edward, 
  • in Sand Hill – West of Cumberland and East of Charlotte,  
  • in Vanier – South of Montreal road.  

We are confident to be in a position to ensure all residential streets within our community will have gateway posted speed limits of 30km in the near future.
As many know, traffic speed directly impacts the safety of our streets and having gateway speed zones of 30 km/h traffic calming initiatives increases safety for all road users. The gateways are one pillar of the strategy and will be accompanied by enforcement, traffic calming measures and leverage the opportunities as we reconstruct residential streets to design with modern urban objectives. 
We want to continue to improve safety where you live and to enable safe access to parks, schools, place of worships.

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