INPUT NEEDED: Share your concerns, wants for the oldest recreational facilities (Perspectives Vanier, February 2021)

The future of recreation facilities in the neighbourhood is in your hands.

It is time to come together as a community and share – what would you like? What do you want to see? In your pools, gymnasiums, sports fields, courts, and recreational spaces.

The City’s Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services Department Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan (PRFMP) is currently being developed to support the new Official Plan (OP). Ottawa residents are being invited to share experiences, concerns, knowledge and desires to help plan for the future of municipal parks and recreation facilities.

This is where residents need to stand out – here, we have some of the oldest facilities, the oldest parks and the least adapted accessibility and modern play areas.

Public consultation dates are available on Engage Ottawa. According to the City, the objective to collect information on residents’ usage and satisfaction with the number and locations of ex- isting parks and recreation facilities, learn about gaps and barriers that exist, and identify trends and emerging needs in park and facility use.

The master plan will make recommendations for eight geographic areas: downtown, inner-ur- ban, outer urban, greenbelt, suburban [east, south, west], and rural.

Surveys are available online as well there are some online public consultations taking place. Full dates and times are available on Engage Ottawa and will be offered in English and French.

Link here:


Separately to this online consultation for the master plan, one goal I am working on as the Ward Councillor and Sports Commissioner is to advance our conversations with our local school boards to discuss the use of sports fields, gyms and equipment outside of school hours and much needed upgrades for older urban school communities. This vital step in connecting our community allows for us to meet the demands and community expectations while we push for those essential upgrades to our facilities and parks.

More investment is needed both in sport and recreation in our neighbourhood. This can only be highlighted by residents speaking out, sharing their concerns and letting the City know our need is now – not tomorrow.

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