Jolliet PXO and Beechwood Closure

We’re pleased to announce that we will be getting a formalized pedestrian crossing (PXO) on Beechwood between Jolliet and Corona. A PXO is a mid-block crossing complete with signage and, in the case of busier streets such as Beechwood, a push button and flashing light. Vehicles are required by law to stop whenever the light is flashing and must wait until the pedestrian has safely crossed the entire street before continuing on. We have long heard about the difficulties pedestrians have while trying to cross this intersection, and the PXO is sure to make a positive change here. There is a heavy volume of people crossing this intersection due to the location of the bus stop and the new Kavanagh building at 222 Beechwood.

At the same time as the PXO, we will be getting an extension of the cycle track. It will go one block further north of Jolliet along Beechwood. Both of these projects will be completed towards the end of the summer. These improvements are being made after several streets in this area underwent massive construction.

There will be some unrelated construction work on Beechwood between Charlevoix and St. Charles St. This section will be temporarily closed to vehicle traffic from July 16 and 29 while two sections of gas main are being relocated in advance of upcoming sewer replacement work.

Local access for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians will be maintained. The vehicle detours will be signed. Busses will also be detouring from Beechwood. Residents and businesses on the affected streets have been notified. July was chosen as the time for this construction due to lower volumes of traffic. Please allow some extra time while traveling for these two weeks if you live in the area. We wish you all a safe and happy summer.