Joyeux Nöel! Merry Christmas! (Perspective Vanier)

Another year is coming to a close, and what an important one it has been for our community.

I am pleased to say its Vanier’s time.

Aimed at Vanier becoming the best it can be, the city announced Vision Vanier, this past spring, an initiative that focuses on six specific areas to develop, promote and strengthen the Vanier community.

Each of the projects –  Montreal Road Community Improvement Plan, Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods initiative, Montreal Road revitalization, the Vanier Cultural Revitalization, Vanier Public Art program and the revitalization of Riverain Park – have a common goal to improve the neighbourhood’s vibrancy and livability.

As you know, some of the projects are already underway – Visible along Montreal Road, pre-construction work has begun, with the bulk of the project to start in 2020.

The Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods initiatives are identifying needs in the community; the Vanier Cultural Revitalization is defining Vanier’s cultural resource strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

The revitalization of Riverain Park is one of the most exciting and long-overdue projects that is ramping up; designs for the park will be presented to the community in the new year.

So please stay tuned, stay involved and help let Vanier reach its full potential.


Looking ahead to the new year, the fight against the Salvation Army’s proposal to develop a mega-shelter on Montreal Road will finally see it’s day in court – the proceedings are expected to begin in January. So, the fight continues – and I am proud to say this is another year that has passed without the Salvation Army’s out-of-date plan to build a shelter in Vanier instead of creating a plan to build affordable housing units.

There is a lot to celebrate this year and more to look forward to in 2020. I look forward to engaging with all of you on new and old projects that make this community great.

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