King Edward Avenue: Committed to a solution

For those living along the King Edward Avenue corridor – the conversation concerning traffic calming, truck routes and downtown truck traffic is OLD.

Studies have been started and completed now over the last 50 years, which all include the goals of removing interprovincial truck from Ottawa’s downtown streets and looking at an additional crossing between Ottawa and Gatineau.

In fact, it should be something that everyone in Ottawa is concerned about. The main arterial road is one of the interprovincial crossings that anyone crossing to Quebec or back to Ontario uses.

On the Quebec side, Gatineau is continuing the conversation about mobility – moving people across the river.

On our side, it is about more than that – it is about safety, noise, pollution, mobility, economic development and most of all a resolution to interprovincial truck traffic.

For several decades, the conversation has revolved around what the “fix” can be.

And yet, the “the fix” is still not defined.

This is not ok. Residents in Ottawa deserve a resolution to this long standing issue in our Capital City. The City lives the impact of this issue yet is it the responsibility of senior levels of government to plan, design and fund a solution.

The City lives the problem. The government of Ontario (through MTO) is responsible to connect 400 connection highways to interprovincial crossings- a tunnel would solve this connection gap in Ottawa. The government of Canada is responsible for interprovincial mobility – a 6th crossing which could resolve transit, truck, and mobility gaps in Ottawa and Gatineau’s networks.

At Council on Dec. 11, my motion carried unanimously to reaffirm the issue, the responsibility of both the Government of Ontario and Government of Canada, and confirm the City of Ottawa’s commitment to solving downtown truck traffic in its 2019-2022 Term of Council Priorities.

By having council reassert its commitment, this at least keeps us on pace, and not further behind.

I am pleased to say my colleagues supported this motion and solving the issue of downtown truck traffic remains a priority for council and for me.

Whether that involves a bridge or a tunnel – that is a discussion for the province and the federal government. But for me and the residents of Lowertown, the issue has always remained the same – make King Edward Avenue a safe, reliable, community street.

For the next three years my intent is to reach out to the province and the federal governments to move on this issue.

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