Launch of the Community Engagement Team (Newsletter: Winter 2022)

A new pilot project will now address immediate community needs in Lowertown and Sandy Hill neighbourhoods.
I am pleased to see that the City has established a Community Engagement Team to make it easier for businesses and residents to ensure modern and effective service responses and coordination proactively and effectively from the City.

The City is now, more than ever, recognizing the importance of pro- active responses with on the ground supports for some of the direst situations surrounding homelessness, addictions, mental health, safety and cleanliness in the heart of our City.

Work is already underway to ensure that these needs are met quickly. A result of years of hard work by my team and I with many community partners, this coordinated approach will work with other City depart- ments (such as policing and social services) to help fill gaps and respond to issues more effectively.

The concentration of health and social services and reliance on emergency shelters in urban areas does not adequately address some of our City’s most serious challenges, impacting the City. It continues to pressure residents, local businesses, emergency ser- vices (911), and Service Ottawa (311).

Like any growing city, Ottawa is faced with ongoing and increasing challenges related to housing and homelessness. We also know that the impacts of addiction, substance use, and mental health are severe and complex.

With this engagement team, health organizations and housing agen- cies will better respond to growing needs. IamoptimisticthatthisCityteamwillbringrelieftoresidentsand businesses’ urgent needs in our community.

I am confident that this project will bring relief our community. 

Take a look at the community engagement poster here:

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