Making Sandy Hill Streets Safer

As many of you may know, during the last term of council a new temporary traffic calming program was created. The program involved giving $40,000 to each councillor to spend on temporary traffic calming in their own neighbourhoods. Common features installed are pavement markings, planters, flex stakes, cycle zone delineators, and speed boards.

The temporary traffic calming program has been incredibly popular and as of April 10th, Council approved an increase of $10 000 to this budget, for a total of $50 000 per year per ward. This year in Sandy Hill, you can expect to see new traffic calming installations including:

  • “slow/lent” markings on Henderson, Osgoode, Chapel, and Sweetland;
  • Painted bulb-outs on Sweetland and Osgoode;
  • “Slow Down for Us” signage on Goulburn;
  • Additional flex stakes on Besserer, and Marlborough; and
  • Additional cycle zone delineators on Stewart.

We will also, hopefully, be getting two planter boxes on Chapel St. This installation is pending approval from emergency services. In an additional traffic calming effort, last spring Sandy Hill got the first “gateway speed zone” in Ottawa. The southern section of Sandy Hill (south of Laurier East) is now 40km, and we hope to expand this zone in the coming years.

All funds for 2019 are now fully accounted for. I want to thank residents for regularly highlighting problematic areas.

All of these measures are greatly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience. Together, we are making Sandy Hill safer. These measures make Sandy Hill a more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly neighbourhood for all to enjoy!

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