Montreal Road: Construction is coming to an end (Newsletter : Winter 2022)

After two years of heavy construction, work along Montreal Road is expected to complete this year.

The Montreal Road revitalization project began in 2020 with a complete overhaul of the road – cycling, wider sidewalks, transit priorities and much-needed infrastructure updates – were the focus for this revitalization to creating a complete main street in Vanier.

The final stage of this construction includes completing updates to underground infrastructure and implementing a street environment that meets the needs and goals of our community. Later this year, we will see many of the hard and soft landscaping features planned for this project, such as light poles, benches, andtrees. Completing the street plazas at Place Dupuis, Bradley, and Emond Streets will also take place. Since December 19, traffic lanes along Montreal Road have opened in each direction, bringing regular bus service along the corridor. The lanes will remain open until April 2022. 

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  •  Project limits for Montreal Road are North River Road to St. Laurent Boulevard for a total distance of 2 kilometres (1.2km/2km completed in 2021)
  • Budget: $64 Million
  • Burial of overhead Hydro lines
  • New bus stops and bus shelters
  • Underground utility replacement
  • Streetscaping including concrete sidewalks, street furtniture, lights and 80 new trees. 
  • New East/West cycling tracks