Motion – Rat Complaints Inquiry

Currently the city does two things and they do them right – if you have a rat on your property bylaw has the right tools to remove them.

Additionally, if there is an overpopulation in our sewers – public works also have the tools – bait the sewers – to rid the sewers of rats.

What was missing and what I have been working to resolve for years is to find a solution to address surface rats – in city parks, rats infrastructure projects, backyards and city streets.

In order to address this, we had to go to the source of the problem.

  1. Pre-baiting parks and any city-run infrastructure projects
  2. Create a framework for abandoned or vacant buildings – allow bylaw to be able to inspect these properties and bait accordingly.
  3. Looking for ways to legally to require property owners to pre-baiting prior to demolition.

Although we recognize this is not a perfect system, we believe that this approach of engaging many city departments will get to source of the issue.

Unanimous support for my motion

City Council, Standing Committee and Commission

Conseil, comités permanents et commission

Report / Agenda: City Council Agenda

Item / Article: Postponements and Deferrals – Community and Protective Services Committee Report 7 – Motion – Rat Complaints Inquiry

Re: Replacement Motion

Moved by / Motion de:                    Councillor M. Fleury

Seconded by / Appuyée par:         Councillor R. King


That Council approved the following revised recommendations, replacing those set out in the report from the Community and Protective Services Committee:


That Council approve:

  1. that staff be directed to implement rat control methods, including specific rat prevention practices in regular parks maintenance and specific rat prevention practices, such as pre-baiting, in any new infrastructure projects; and
  2. that staff be directed to incorporate inspections for rats into the twice annual inspections of abandoned buildings and issue orders to the owners to remedy, at a neutral cost, any infestations if evidence is found; and,
  3. that staff in Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development be directed to assess the options, including Legal Services, under their mandate to implement a program for proactive rat baiting prior to construction and issuing demolition permits and development applications and if such a program is possible, report back to the appropriate committee with recommendations including how such a program could be administered, detail any financial impacts and what monitoring could be put in place to assess its effectiveness; and 
  4. that the Mayor on behalf of Council write the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing requesting that the Province expand the definition of “applicable law” under the Building Code to include by-laws made by a municipality for proactive rat baiting in relation to a demolition requiring a permit under the Building Code Act, 1992.

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