News from Montreal Road!

The spring has been a busy time in our community, and particularly in Vanier. It’s exciting to see all the action underway, and we’re happy to announce that work crews have taken advantage of the mild weather and reductions in traffic to jump into the revitalization of Montreal Road!

Workers from Tomlinson are doing their best to diligently minimize the risk of Coronavirus. This has meant increasing health and safety protocols (including increasing frequency of cleaning of on-site washrooms), monitoring staff health, respecting physical distancing or wearing face shields and limiting on-site visits.

At this point, the main sections of the construction include: the Montreal Road and Vanier Parkway intersection, the North River Road and Montreal Road intersection, and the stretch of Montreal Road between North River Road and Marier Avenue.

Crews at the Montreal Road and Vanier Parkway intersection are focussing on excavations over the next few weeks. This is easily visible in the middle of the intersection. The cut and cap of the existing watermain was completed alongside the installation of a new pipe in the center of the intersection. From there, work will shift from the middle of the Vanier Parkway to the East and West sides of the intersection. The purpose of this work currently is to replace the existing Montreal Road watermain.

As it stands, work at the North River Road and Montreal Road intersection will focus on watermain maintenance. This is ongoing and includes other infrastructure work including the construction of underground ducts for new traffic signals and streetlighting. The road box (the main street platform) on the south end of North River Road to Selkirk will be completed in the next two weeks followed by construction of curbs in all four quadrants of the intersection.

Currently, along Montreal Road between North River Road and Marier Avenue, workers are finishing the installation of temporary water services and connections to buildings. This will also include replacement of catch basins and the installation of underground duct work for traffic signals.

This construction occurring below ground will assure modern services are in place for this important main street.

Traffic disruptions at various areas along the project site may occur.  For this reason, we encourage you to sign up for the project’s newletter here. You may also visit the website at or email the project team directly here:


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