New Police Chief Survey

The role of police chief role is an important one. It is not an elected role but functions in many ways like one. The police chief must deal with tragedies, good news stories, and senior management responsibilities all while being accountable to the public. The role requires an array of skills to enable internal management of a 24/7 operation and to face the political realities that communities and police forces are faced with today.

For these reasons, a public survey is being conducted. So which characteristics would you like to see in Ottawa’s next police chief? This is your opportunity to speak out. This is your time to inform the decision makers. You have until Friday to submit your opinions.

Please visit: to complete the survey.

Personally, I would like to see someone who is community-minded and who understand the roles and responsibilities of a capital city with 108 unique communities. We need someone who can modernize the Ottawa Police. The Police need to have an important role with the community and City partners to respond and support communities and more specifically to support individuals who face mental health, addictions, and poverty challenges.  The Ottawa Police need to be part of the One City One Team vision. We need a chief who can bring the whole police force together to work as one coordinated team for residents.  We need a police force that is proactive, familiar and engaged on all fronts.

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