New Recreation Facilities Needed in the Core (updated)

Before COVID, did you use pools, gyms, arenas, courts, fields… in Lowertown, Sandy Hill and Vanier?

If yes, please share with the City and I your experience and how we can improve it (when it comes to facility location and spaces).

If not, why? Are City owned facilities adequate, accessible, safe for your recreation needs and sport?

The City’s Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services Department Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan (PRFMP) is currently being developed.

This plan provides will guide investments and strategies for municipal parks and recreation facilities for the next ten years. 

As your representative and the City’s Sport Commissioner, I have begun discussions with community sport organisation, Universities and Colleagues and school boards to ensure the use of sports fields, gyms and equipment outside of school hours and much needed upgrades for older urban school communities are advanced. 

The older the community, the older the schools, the most challenging field of play are in place.

This vital step in connecting our community allows for us to meet the demands and community expectations while we push for those essential upgrades to facilities in our community and broadly in the City’s core.

Here’s What we’ve been hearing from the community so far: 

  • Barriers to entry for low-income users: There are not enough support for low income residents to take full advantage of recreation programs in our community
  • Amenities are not modern: We have heard from numerous residents that facilities are not accessible in all sense of the term including from seniors with mobility devices. 
  • Underserved: Residents seeking to participate in sports must travel outside of the community in order to access modern facilities.  The growth in population in our area often makes existing facilities hard to access.

As Canada’s capital we should remove all barriers to stay physically active and participate in sports in our Community.

Many have said over the years that every resident in Ottawa should learn to skate and swim and enjoy public recreation and sport spaces in our City.

I believe that more investments are needed both in sport and recreation in our community. 

This can only be highlighted by residents speaking out, sharing their concerns and letting the City know our needs.

This is your time to share with the City barriers and opportunities in our community.

Now’s your chance to tell the City about your use of facilities in our community, how satisfied you are with them and what you would like to see in the future. 

The Indoor Recreation Facilities Survey is open until March 12th.

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