#OttawaLove – a second chance to show a little love this week

March 14, 2022

Without a doubt, Ottawa is a city full of love.

We see it in our everyday interactions with each other.

So, what better way to show this than re-do Valentine’s Day here in the City?

On February 14th, downtown business celebrations for Valentine’s Day were marred by the occupation that took over our core.

On a day where love should have trumped all, occupiers silenced it.

This is where a month later – City Council asked for a do-over.

Let’s be honest, an update is always a good thing – it adds nicely to something we already thought was perfect. On March 14th, we get just that – an update to Valentine’s Day. This day offers everyone a chance to show a little more #OttawaLove and affection to our City, the ones we love and our favourite local eateries, shops and businesses.

It is our second chance at love. Another reason to celebrate the love you feel, hope to have or desire in this great heart-shaped City.

Second chances are full of hope. And the best part of hope is that it gives us the power to believe anything is possible.

My hope for March 14th and all this week is that we shower each other with all the love I know Ottawa has for one another.

Undoubtedly, I know this is possible.