Para-Transpo customers one step closer to full online options

When it comes to booking Para Transpo, the issues can sometimes seem impossible. Important to note that Booking (online or by phone) doesn’t necessarily mean you will get your ride on time.

I am pleased to say we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to these issues.

It started on Feb. 21, OC Transpo launched a new reservation and cancellation web form for Para Transpo customers. Customers can now reserve a trip online. It is different than calling, where there is a deadline of 3:30 p.m. to book for the next-day service. Currently, an introductory online system, OC Transpo, is working on a comprehensive online booking application to be in place later this year. OC Transpo needs to be customer-centric. To regularly acknowledge and change based on its customer’s needs and improvement in technology. In this case, customers should be able to decide whether they wish to book online or by phone. It is important to note that the system isn’t completely fulsome – yet. The webform is only to reserve or cancel a booking.

The next frontier for Para-customer’s is a when will my para-bus arrive (similar to the UBER application) experience which should be part of the technology improvement that we see in place in 2020.

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