Potential traffic calming options for King Edward

Lowertown residents – we need your voice to help make some much-needed traffic calming improvements on King Edward Avenue closer to reality.

The future of King Edward – a reduction to four lanes is only possible when a sixth interprovincial bridge gets built – but waiting for this is not the answer.

The answer is to work within our reach for traffic calming action now.

King Edward has had wider lanes to accommodate buses running from Gatineau to Ottawa.

With a plan in place to move STO buses off of the King Edward corridor in the near future, this leaves both north and south bound curb lanes on King Edward too wide.

A report looking at the options to reduce the lane width AND slow down traffic along the busy road will be presented at next week’s transportation committee, on Nov. 13 at 9:30 a.m. The full report can be viewed here

Currently, there is no funding identified for this project.

The first step is highlighting the need to make King Edward Avenue safer for pedestrians and the need to slow down traffic is long overdue.

Police enforcement can only go so far. Physical measures such as road narrowing are a permanent solution.

The next step is for me to fight for our community, with your help to have this traffic calming measure added to this year’s budget for the safety and concern of all Lowertown residents.

Please come to committee and voice your concerns about speeding, pedestrian safety and traffic impacts along this important, currently dividing street in Lowertown.

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