Recent Fires in Vanier

I share the anxiety of residents in Vanier relating to recent fires. I want to assure everyone that City and enforcement bodies are refocusing to support our community (investigation, information, and proactive monitoring). 

Recent Fires have targeted vacant buildings as well as buildings under construction including targeting the soul of our community: the Vanier Sugar Shack. We will rebuild. 

Here are statements from Ottawa Police and Ottawa Fire Services relating to these fires.

With the support of City partners including Ottawa Fire Services and Ottawa Police here are steps we are taking to support Vanier residents:  

  1. Information Sharing: See Something, Say Something (community intel is important to investigations) 
  1. Ottawa Police neighbourhood officers are actively engaged in monitoring vacant, fire, and construction sites in Vanier (at risk evening/overnight hours) 
  1. Proactive outreach to all construction site owners’ (risk of theft and fires, sharing of crime prevention tools (lights, cameras, fencing, security)) 
  1. Proactive visits to vacant buildings to ensure compliance with City regulations (By-Law Services, Building Code Services, Ottawa Police, Ottawa Fire Services) in November 
  1. Proactive outreach to ALL owners of vacant buildings and fire sites in November   

The City and I are concerned about these trends & we are here to support the community.  

Vanier is a united & strong community. I am asking you to help us protect each other from fires and thefts by being hyper focused on reporting via @OttawaPolice at 613-236-1222, x3770 

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