Rental Accommodations Study

I am happy to share that the City of Ottawa is currently undertaking a review of regulations governing private sector rental properties to address safety and community concerns. This study will cover short term rental providers, student housing and shared accommodations.

With regards to short term rental providers, the vast majority of Airbnb rentals are located in only 5 out of the city’s 23 wards, Rideau-Vanier being one of them. Our community has a large concentration of short-term rentals with over 550 short term rental units in our ward alone, 61% of which are commercially operated. The community feels the effects of these commercial operations dealing with garbage issues, property damage, disruptive behaviour as well as safety concerns. In a neighbourhood and City that is affected by extremely low rental vacancies, units that could contribute to longer term housing, are being used for expensive commercial operations.

Workshops will be conducted for interested residents and stakeholders at various dates and locations across the City. Some will focus on the short term rental issue, others on rental housing conditions generally, and others on the student related housing issues. I would encourage you all to participate and provide your feedback.

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  1. Mavis Finnamore

    Low vacancy rates greatly affect low income people, who are already having difficulty coping with higher costs of everything else. Rents are rising at rates higher than incomes, and there needs to be better regulation so people can afford housing without having to reduce other necessities like food. Repair and maintenance issues for renters are poorly handled right now with the current complaint based system. A Landlord licensing system, with good standards of repair, and regular inspections, would ensure small repair problems don’t turn into massive problems, as occurred in Herongate.

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