Riverain Park Revitalization (perspective Vanier)

The first public consultation for Riverain Park was held at the Rideau Sports Centre on July 17th. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Residents are very passionate about this beautiful park and this fact was exemplified through this well-attended event. Councillor King attended the consultation to represent the interests of Rideau-Rockcliffe as well.

Riverain Park is accessible to many more residents now thanks to the Adawe Crossing. Vanier, Sandy Hill and Overbrook residents all have easy access to this park.

The July 17th event was an open opportunity to share suggestions for the park. Popular suggestions for the park included new installations such as work out equipment, a skatepark, a splash pad, and additional waste receptables. There was a great interest in improving the play structures, improving the lighting and working with the NCC to fix the current flooding issues. Lastly, resident would love to see the multi-use pathways in Riverain Park winter-maintained.

The initial design plan will be released this fall and following that there will be a second public consultation. Follow us on social media for exact timing. We expect the revitalization of Riverain Park to begin in the summer of 2020.

2 thoughts on “Riverain Park Revitalization (perspective Vanier)”

  1. Hi,

    I missed the consultation and remembered just recently that it was happening so I apologize for my late input. I would really like to see more flexibility for dogs at this park. Currently, it is strictly an on-leash park that has large meadow areas that are ideal for throwing balls and socializing for dogs needing off leash time. There are owners in the area who do not have access to private transport to take their dogs to off leash parks and larger pets are not allowed on public transport. Until last summer many owners in the surrounding area used to bring their dogs to one of the meadows for off leash playtime and to socialize their dogs with other dogs and people, however, last summer complaints started to be filed with the NCC about dogs being off leash, primarily by one or two individuals. I would like to propose some times or areas be set aside where dogs can be off leash in the park. High energy dogs and puppies that can have time off leash are generally calmer and happier dogs. As well, for many of the owners of these dogs it was an opportunity to meet and create neighbourhood community around their dogs. All of this has disappeared now as people are fearful and want to protect their dogs. As witnessed by the off leash area near the old city hall, these areas do not have to be fenced off but do need to be clearly marked so that pedestrians and bikers know to expect dogs off leash and can take measures accordingly. I would like to suggest that dialogue be started with dog owners to determine what the needs are and what dog owners may be willing to do to help support this kind of proposal. As you may know, in Manotick an association of dog owners manages one of the parks in order that dogs can be there off leash. This may be a model that could be helpful here.


    Suky Brar

  2. Marie-Françoise Bustos

    I live at Terrasses Gabrielle, right across from the Riverain Park. I have a beautiful view, but the constant noise has made it impossible for me to enjoy good weather by opening my windows. I can hear the racket even when my windows are closed. I feel that Riverain is no longer a park; it has become a mini-stadium. More and more of the area has been fenced off for baseball, basketball and softball, and children are now relegated to a small section by the parking lot. The park is now dedicated to recreation for adults who are, on the whole, noisier and more disruptive than most children. For example, a fundraising event was held there recently; we were treated to announcements and music blaring from microphones and loudspeakers for most of the afternoon. It was awful. I would like my home to be a quiet and peaceful refuge – I would also like to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature right across the street. I believe many of my neighbours would agree that the way Riverain is managed has had a negative impact on our quality of life.
    When you “revitalize” Riverain Park, will you take into consideration the needs and rights of the people who live right next to it?

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