Sidewalk snow clearing and winter parking ban

We are well into winter now, and with that, unfortunately, for some comes snow. It has been a pretty average snowfall winter. I am pleased to see some positive changes with snow clearing this year, but there are still areas we could be doing better – and I intend to follow up on those.  We invite you to share with us your suggestions.

For starters, I have requested staff to look at how it coordinates its value of clearing and removal of snow at the Feb. 5 Transportation Committee Meeting. My inquiry request staff ensure no adverse impacts remain to our sidewalks or street curbs when the City removes snowbanks.

I hate to see that one job makes another necessary.

Sidewalks and on-street curb edges must remain clear during winter months – in addition to the removal of giant snowbanks.


According to staff, there are several changes they are hoping will be positive improvements – the area boundaries have changed to align services better, including better overnight clearing, proper staffing levels so that road and sidewalk machines are available at the beginning of a storm and able to quickly begin clearing efforts. The addition of the new snow clearing equipment has allowed staff to use different ways to treat our roads and sidewalks.

Winter Weather Parking Ban 

There have been some changes to the parking ban this year – namely that the City is occasionally implementing a daytime parking ban when the weather calls for it.

The ban is in place to clear streets quickly and best as they can. When this ban is in place, it is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Weather conditions, and the time it would take to clear the snow are both considered before issuing the ban. The current bylaw has always allowed this option.

The best way to stay informed when it comes to parking and snowstorms, please sign up for Winter Weather alerts, or follow the City of Ottawa Winter Parking Alerts on Twitter @ottawacity.

Other ways to stay informed are:

Going to the City’s homepage for Seasonal Alerts

Going to the City’s online newsroom for special advisories about on-street parking restrictions

Calling 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401)

Tuning in to local media for announcements about overnight parking restrictions

Free off-street parking in city-owned parking garages

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