Somerset East and King Edward Intersection Improvements Coming

The Adawe Crossing has opened up the Somerset East corridor to cyclists and pedestrians. It is a great way to connect residents who live east of the Rideau River with Centretown via the advisory lanes on Somerset, and the Corktown Bridge over the canal. 

However, before you get to University of Ottawa’s campus you have to use the Somerset East / King Edward intersection. If you’ve ever used this intersection you’ve surely noticed the incredibly high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists. Due to this high volume of active transportation, we’re pleased to announce that the intersection will be getting advanced signal phases as well as cyclists-only traffic lights. This means that both pedestrians and cyclists will receive a green light to travel in the east/west direction five seconds before vehicles can travel in the same direction. You can see examples of this design on various other streets downtown such as Laurier Avenue West.

We will also be adding green thermoplastic (heavy-duty green paint) through the intersection in both eastbound and westbound directions. The paint component of the project will likely take place in the spring due to weather specifications.  These improvements will alleviate potential conflicts with right-turning vehicles and inform drivers of the high volumes of active transportation. 

Construction will hopefully be starting mid-fall of this year. We look forward to future improvements along this corridor to make walking and cycling viable options for the greatest number of people possible.