Statement on Acts of Intimidation in Ottawa

January 30, 2022

Over the last two days, we’ve seen abhorrent examples of people sowing fear, division and hatred on our streets. 

No veteran should have to see someone desecrating the hallowed ground of our national cenotaph.

No soup kitchen worker should be intimidated while helping our less fortunate.

No shop owner should have to close due to threats nor clean up after vandals.

And no one should have to see the hateful banners of Naziism, racists, and xenophobes flying at the seat of our national government (or anywhere in Canada). 

Such acts are much more than inconvenient. They are not peaceful. They are acts of intimidation and hate. They have sparked fear and trauma, and are especially painful for Canadians who have fled real violent, state-sanctioned persecution to find safety and security in our country.   

Ours is a free, just, and democratic society. Our city, as capital, has a long and proud history of welcoming people to engage in peaceful protest, assemble, and be heard.

But anyone who has engaged in hateful, intimidating activities this weekend has not treated our city with respect and, as such, is not welcome here.

I – like all of our citizens – expect that anyone breaking the law will be ticketed and/or charged so that these terrible displays of hatred can be put behind us quickly and we can begin to heal.

Many of our neighbours are hurting today. We must do everything we can to ensure our collective focus returns to recovering from this pandemic. It’s time for those who are impeding our liveability and recovery to go.

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