Steering the conversation forward: Making sure community objectives are in City’s new Transportation Masterplan (Perspectives Vanier, June 2021)

The way we move in this City is one of the most critical discussions we can have – and must continue to have as a community.

Just like the action itself, it moves and changes with time, people and modes.

And most recently, with a pandemic, none of us saw coming.

There are more people, new transit routes or lines, better roads (or the need for better roads), more cycling tracks, and, most importantly, putting sidewalks where we need them.

That is why an Active Transportation Town Hall was held last month, in collaboration with our neighbouring ward, Rideau Rockcliffe to hear from you on priorities for pedestrians, cyclist and accessibility within our community.

As the City prepares to update its Transportation Masterplan, feedback from the community is one hundred per cent part of this conversation.

Starting it early, as we did, allows the City and I to prepare with the needs in mind.

As I started to regroup with staff from the meeting, I wanted to share the most significant takeaway: missing links exist and need to see resolution to; speeding is a concern – safety is paramount. Lastly, there should be better integration of high-volume corridors.

Key locations and issues raised that are top of mind are Cummings Bridge, Beechwood, and McArthur investment to become complete streets, improvements at our major intersections, cycling connectivity, winter maintenance and 30km/hr for our residential streets to name a few.

As many of you are already aware, I have successfully begun implementing the Community Gateway zones to have speeds reduced.

But this is only one step.

I also intend to continue to keep this conversation open and going – to make sure it reflects our ever-changing reality.

From COVID-related traffic changes to when the world slowly gets back to a new normal – this conversation remains a top priority. 

Please continue to help keep the conversation going by sharing your concerns, your ideas and highlighting missing links or roads that need to be looked at.

I will continue to move this dialogue forward with staff, stakeholders, community members and aim to have a Transportation Masterplan that reflects the needs and wants of Vanier, Lowertown and Sandy Hill residents.

You can learn more about the feedback and ideas we have received during the Active Transportation forum by visiting out report on

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