Tayler continues to break waves, focuses on goals despite Olympic delay

Two-time Olympian and Ottawa-born, Michael Tayler, qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics only two weeks before it was evident COVID-19 spread across the world.

On March 22, 2020, the Canadian Olympic Committee announced it would not be sending our athletes to the Olympics this year.

The International Olympic Committee cancelled the Tokyo Games in April, and confirmed athletes who qualified for the competition spots would attend the 2021 games.

\”I feel lucky that my qualification was two weeks ahead, some of my team members were in March, and now they have to wait until next year,\” Tayler said.

Now, he said, he will keep his eye on the possibility of rescheduling of World Cups, but regardless of what turns out, he will focus on training, get stronger and ready for 2021 Olympic Games

A Nepean High School graduate, Tayler has always called Ottawa home. He completed his undergrad at Carleton University and remained an Ottawa River Runners member.

\”Obviously, a lot has changed,\” he said.

He laughs as he comments about how this is probably the longest, he has been home in a while – staying with his parents in Westboro, instead of competing in Northern Italy and France as planned – pre-pandemic.

\”It’s different for sure, being at home. I am adjusting to that,\” he said, adding he misses the change to train on different courses around the world.

Ottawa is one of the few cities with its own downtown white-water rapids course, the Pumphouse.

The class 2 white water site is where a young Michael Tayler took a ride down the course.

Now, 20 years later, on a Zoom call, Tayler recalls how his love for the sport grew.

\”It is a race against the clock as you go down the white water,\” Tayler said. \”You have to use the water; it is more powerful than you are, it’s stronger than you are, so the fastest way is to use the power of the water – I have always loved that. I have loved the sport right from the start. Being on the water – it’s an amazing thing to do.\”

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