The City of Ottawa is investing in residential streets in Vanier

The project is a complete road, sewer and watermain renewal for St. Denis Street, Lavergne Street and Ste. Monique Street

Many people know the old joke that there are two seasons in Ottawa – winter and construction season – but for our community moving into construction season (And Spring!) is an exciting time as we get to see many of our infrastructure projects advance and help modernise aging infrastructure in our City’s oldest neighbourhoods

For the projects above, I am pleased to say that construction on St. Denis Street is underway with work on Lavergne Street and Ste. Monique Street this spring. The teams are working to complete by fall 2022.

This project is an important one for our community’s ageing infrastructure. Specifically, the existing watermains and sanitary sewers will be replaced resulting in better wastewater collection and water distribution in the area.

This project will also improve the neighbourhood safety as it will see improvements to traffic safety such as six raised crossings, six raised intersections and four traffic calming bump-outs throughout the project site. Aesthetically, this project will see additions of landscaping that includes the planting of 24 trees and improvements to the Des-Peres-Blancs, Marquette and St. Denis/Tabor stairs. The renewal of existing stairs and lighting at the Tabor Avenue Mini Park will improve safety and accessibility.

For residents within or near the construction area, please note that construction can be disruptive. We do expect noise, dust and minor street closures throughout the year. The City, my team and I are here to support you throughout this time. We strive to minimize impacts on our community’s livability even during the construction.

We value this City investment in our community, the value of the project is over $15M. At the end of this construction, we would like to see: a new and modern roadway, sidewalks and landscaping for our urban area.

The project consists of the reconstruction on the following street segments: (each will be linked so people can go to their interested section)

  • Lavergne Street from Ste. Monique Street to Duford Street,
  • St Denis Street from Des Peres Blancs Avenue to St. Anne Street,
  • Ste-Monique Street from Marier Avenue to Ste. Cecile Street, and
  • Boudreau from Lavergne Street to Granville Street (limited work within this section).

St. Denis Street

  • The scope of work on St. Denis includes new sidewalks added on the north and east side of St. Denis Street, between St. Jacques Street and Ste. Anne Avenue and renewal of existing stairs and lighting through the Tabor Ave Parkette.
  • Traffic safety will be improved by overall and localized street narrowing at the mid-block and some intersections. 

Lavergne Street

  • New sidewalks are being added on the south side of Lavergne Street, between Ste. Monique Street and Des Pères Blancs Avenue, and the north side of Larvergne Street, between Des Pères Blancs Avenue and Duford Street.
  • Overall and localized street narrowing at the mid-block and some intersections. 

Ste. Monique Street

  • New sidewalks are being added on the east side of Ste. Monique Street, between Ste. Cécile Street and Marier Avenue. 
  • Overall and localized street narrowing at the mid-block and some intersections. 

Full project details are available on the project website here:

The City’s Project Manager’s is available to answer questions specific to the project:

Justin Trudel, P. Eng., PMP
Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Projects
100 Constellation Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8 
Tel.: 613-580-2424 ext. 15304

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