Traffic Calming in Sandy Hill

Speeding is one of the major factors in road safety issues in Ottawa. Faster speeds are directly associated with level of accident severity, and accidents are exactly what we’re seeking to avoid. 

To combat the perils of speeding, during the 2015-2018 Term of Council, each Ward Councillor was given a yearly temporary traffic calming (TTC) budget of $40,000. The TTC funding gives councillors the opportunity to address speeding issues along roadways in their ward by implementing cost effective measures known as temporary traffic calming. Measures supported through the program include, but are not limited to: speed display boards (permanent or temporary), mid-road flex stakes, cycling delineators, pavement markings (speed limit, stop ahead, school area, “slow”), neighbourhood/community entrance signage, and planters on local streets to create chicanes.

Each of these measures has proven to be effective in reducing speed. You can find all of the above measures in Sandy Hill during the warmer months. 

You likely noticed an increased number of mid-road flex stakes in particular. The purpose of these stakes is to create a visual road narrowing.  It is this perceived narrowing of the road that encourages drivers to slow down.

There are a number of things to consider before the implementation of flex stakes, such as the numbers of pedestrians and cyclists who use the corridor, road widths and parking.

The minimum road width needed to install flex stakes is 11 m (if on-street parking is allowed on both sides of the street), 9 m (if on-street parking is allowed only on one side of the street) and 7 m (if parking is restricted on both sides of the street). 

You’ll notice new flex stakes coming to Marlborough and Russell this year. Please be advised that the city-wide deployment of new flex stake locations will take place between June 1st and July 13th; the reinstallation of older flex stakes will occur before June. 

If you notice a great deal of speeding on your street you can file an online police report to request more police enforcement. Let’s all drive with care to ensure Sandy Hill’s streets remain a welcoming place for all road users.