Nearly half of the National Capital Region is covered by tree canopy.

However, the tree canopy is not evenly distributed.  As we look more closely, Rideau-Vanier’s tree canopy is less than the region’s average – sitting at 27 per cent.

Trees offer homes for wildlife; they help reduce hot temperatures, can improve mental health, and help keep the air clean.

Trees are so important to our urban landscape.

This Tree Canopy Assessment study looks at several factors that play a role in influencing the current state of the tree canopy, including urbanization, zoning, and land-use history.

According to this report, this tree canopy assessment data should be integrated into planning decisions at all levels of government – prioritizing conservation and planting initiatives.

Growing the urban forest is a council priority, with an annual target of planting 125,000 new trees – or half a million trees by 2022.

Check out the full report here – Tree_Canopy_Assessment

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