Vision Vanier

The City of Ottawa is moving forward with five new projects for the community of Vanier. We have been working on some of these projects since 2010. The initiatives are branded under the banner Vision Vanier. The common goal of each project is to improve the neighborhood’s vibrancy and livability.

1-The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is specifically for property owners along Montreal Road (North River Road to Aviation Parkway). CIPs use financial incentives to encourage property owners to make improvements to their properties. One of the most popular tools is to freeze the property tax for a period of 10 years for those who are proceeding with capital investments for commercial properties along Montreal Road. This is a great financial incentive for businesses to make improvements. As buildings are improved landowners will likely seek more desirable businesses. Our goal is to have a strong local business mix along this main street.

2- For the Building Better Revitalized Neighbourhoods (BBRN) initiative the City will be engaging with community members, landowners, cultural organizations and business leaders to develop a neighbourhood revitalization strategy for Vanier. This initiative could include things like the redevelopment of parcels of lands, beautifications, activation of empty buildings, added greenery, public space improvements and other desirable amenities for our community.

3- The Montreal Road Revitalization project will begin in 2019. It is a construction project that stems from a water main and sewer project, but we are taking the opportunity to invest in the street, sidewalks and entire corridor between North River Road and St Laurent. There is currently a working group that is outlining their vision for the 2 km section of road. Once the detailed design is complete, the project will move forward into construction.

4- For the Vanier Cultural Revitalization project the City will be working in partnership with 28 cultural organizations and 190 artists. This work flows from the Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture. The goal here is to preserve and develop the cultural and creative places and spaces within Vanier.

5- Finally, Riverain Park will be getting revitalized. We plan on hosting a public consultation next year. We are looking to make several improvements including a new splash pad. Each of these projects will bring exciting improvements to the area, and we greatly look forward to seeing the end results.