What is happening in our neighbourhood

Snow Clearing Helpers

If you have trouble clearing your driveway in the winter there might be help for you. The Snow Go Program matches people with disabilities and seniors with snow clearing contractors in the area. This snow clearing service would be at the resident’s own cost.

However, if your income is below $31,500 for a single individual or below $39,200 for a household, you could qualify for the Snow Go Assist Program.

The Snow Go Assist Program provides financial assistance to eligible low-income seniors or persons with disabilities who need help with snow clearing.  Approved participants may be reimbursed for 50 % of the cost of snow clearing per event, up to a seasonal maximum of $250. The program is on a first come first served basis.

For more information or to apply please visit: https://ottawa.ca/en/residents/older-adults/help-around-home.

If you are lucky enough to have a friend or neighbour who helps you out during the snowy winter months, please consider nominating him or her for a “Snow Angel” award.

A Snow Angel is a resident who volunteers to help someone, who is elderly or has a disability, with snow clearing. Snow Angels will be officially recognized by council.

To nominate a Snow Angel, please send the candidate’s name and address as well as the details of how they are helping to communitypride@ottawa.ca, and stay safe out there this winter.