Our community is one of the most fortunate in terms of connectivity to LRT stations (Lees, UOttawa, and Rideau). Those three stations will give tremendous opportunity for faster, more efficient and more reliable public transit. We expect an increase in transit ridership among residents because of the consistently reliable train system. 

This being said, it is important to reflect on the obstacles that will still be present for communities such as Vanier, Manor Park and New Edinburgh.

We plan to leverage the LRT opening to rethink the transit service offerings in those areas.  Frequency, reliability, and capacity all remain key barriers for actual and potential transit users.
Over the last few years, we have held multiple consultations with residents in our area to discuss transit issues and review solutions in collaboration with OCTranspo. Many solutions have been implemented and some will come after the LRT opens. 

For instance, the route 19 (the old route 5) has demonstrated progress in reliability. Post-LRT there will be a new route 20, which will connect St Laurent to Beechwood via Vanier. In addition, the Montreal Road Revitalization Project will bring extended time periods for the transit priority lanes, as well as adjustments to signal timings.

We continue to see reliability pressures during the morning and afternoon commutes. We have been tracking bus trip cancellation rates in our area compared to other neighbourhoods across the city, and we are disappointed with how high they are. This is especially evident with the route 12.

We need OC Transpo to use the LRT opening as a leverage point to solve systemic challenges. The challenge OC Transpo management faces is improving local routes while offering new options to better connect people to the LRT. 

The LRT investment will be an undeniable improvement to our transit system. It will also be an opportunity to strengthen the frequency and reliability of our current transit network and increase the number of daily transit users in our city.